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Charity Dinner

另因华小和国中师资短缺问题,我们将赠献RM 100,000.以支持 “希望工程”以鼓励更多华人学生报考华文并将成为华文教师。
晚 宴 全 经 费 由 拿 督 程 天 送 夫 妇 赞 助
20th Anniversary Charity Dinner - Study Aid RM800,000 To 3000 Needy Pupils & Projek Harapan
In our social outreach networking, we realized that helpless single mothers, the unemployed, broken families and lower income groups are seriously affected by the current economic slowdown and high inflation rate. With weeks left before year 2024 school reopens, they are facing financial hardships to buy text books, stationeries, uniforms and even daily basic necessities for their children. We are cooperating with school principals, PIBG and community leaders to identify these deserving hardcore cases.

On this 20th anniversary, we are also contributing RM 100,000 to support “Projek Harapan” with the aim to encourage secondary students register for SPM mandarin examination to become future Chinese language teacher.
Organizing expenses are fully sponsored by Dato' & Datin Eadon Ching
We sincerely hope you can kindly participate in this charity event in the name of a caring society.
On behalf of P.A.S.S. and the Organizing Committee, I would like to express our most sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Interested please contact 012-6861633.