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Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar

Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (P.A.S.S.) is a self supporting NGO formed in year 2003 with the aims to educate the public of recycling for charity. Since its inception P.A.S.S. has given humble charities including environmental conservation more than RM 5,000,000.00. Our green projects are fully endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and also WANGO (World Association of NGO).

The target groups include orphans, broken families, underprivileged children, the sick, the disabled, needy single mothers, community projects, schools, and the deaf.

As we know, recycling and the environmental issue is the most concern agenda to the Malaysia government. Each year our country needs to spend RM 400 million just to manage solid waste. Just by recycling as much as 22% of the five million tonnes of waste produced yearly by Malaysians could help save the Government RM 88 million a year. These savings can be used on important development projects to help the community. Despite the recycling programme being implemented seven years ago, it had only managed a recycling rate of 6% compared to other developed countries of about 30%-47%. Malaysia is falling behind because there are not enough of recycling centers and the practice is not widely spread.


Hence forth, P.A.S.S. would like to play a proactive role to spread out its existing recycling network in Klang Valley not only at an environmental friendly stand point but also for charity. With strong commitment and sincere work among a small working force, P.A.S.S. manage to service 210 permanent recycling centers in the Klang Valley daily. We even provide free pick up service for bulky collections like usable furniture, used electrical items etc.

As to date we have collected a gross weight of 60,000 tonnes of solid waste that can be used and recycled. In a way we are helping the government save millions of ringgit on waste management because local councils need to pay RM 120-RM 150 per tonne to contractors for waste disposal. Of late, we are embarking on a major tree planting project to green the environment. Beside this, we are also giving out RM 700,000.00 student aid to help needy students in the year 2018.

明亮慈善之家,非政府机构,成立于2003年, 旨在传达大众环保以为慈善事业尽一份力。