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Support Plant A Tree

A Major Nation Wide Mega TREE Planting Campaign
We paint the towns green by planting trees.We will be organizing a tree planting event, venue to be identified, interested party who wish to adopt a tree, please contact Tel: 03-902 11 888.
  1. Donate Trees: Yes, if you have trees classified as forest trees, herbal trees etc in the form of seeding or plant ready to be planted we are ready to pick them up.
  2. Donate Space: If you have spare land to plant trees, we will plant them for you for free.
  3. Donate Cash: It cost us approximately RM150 to cultivate each tree ready to be planted. From seeding to nurturing it will take a time frame from 6 weeks to 6 months before they are ready and strong enough to be planted.
Your cash contribution could do a lot of help for us from subsiding the cost of seeding, fertilisers, water, manpower, transportation, maintenance and monitoring. Each of your contributions will surely grow into trees that will last a thousand years to come. We value all cash contributions and donations. We will inform you to participate by planting the tree yourself label under your name to mark a special occasion like your birthday, a newly born child, wedding anniversary, a wish or a memorial to your deceased loved ones.
By Cheque/ Draft – Payable to: Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar or Bank-in/ TT :
Bank : Hong Leong Bank
Account No. : 06400064743
Account Name : Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar

You also can directly bank-in to our account, please click this link
Kindly Email Your Remittance Note or Bank in Slip and Your Particulars.
*Official Receipt will be issued to all donors