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About Plant A Tree

About Plant A Tree
As we begin a new year, let us turn our hearts and minds towards safeguarding the future of our next generation.

Our Earth is undergoing great upheavals in the very essence of life on Earth as we know it. Everyday, simply by our existence, we are causing grievous and almost irreversible harm to nature. The loss of trees over the past decade amounts to 130 million hectares (or 1.3 million km²), an area as large as Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan put together. Replanting trees to such a magnitude would entail planting approximately 14 billion trees every year for 10 consecutive years. There may be something we could do to bridge over this terrestrial crisis.

If you have parcels of land or if you know of anyone with parcels of land that could be dedicated and devoted towards this cause, please email to

Thank you in advance for your participation in any of these areas.
Endorsement from Ministry of Natural Resource and
Environment endorsement letter
Endorsement from Selangor State Government
A Major Nation Wide Mega Tree Planting Campaign
Our Affiliation & International Access
  • Earth Policy Institute, US
  • American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)
  • Global Environment Network
  • Clinton Foundation for Climate Initiative
  • United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Green Peace
Mobile Tree Planting Resource Organization - Quick/Immediate Mobilization.
Serve as a One-Stop Agency in Propagating the Environmental and Global Warming Issues.
Information Resource Center on Environment & Tree Planting.
Represent Malaysia as an Environment NGO in the International Scene, hence getting noted as a major player.
Specialist PR & Advertising on Malaysia's Green Initiative.
  • Our Focus

    1. Current: Tree Cultivation - Planting - Maintenance
    2. Future: Tree Audit, Carbon Neutral & Carbon Trading
    3. Environment Impact Awareness
    4. Global Warming Agenda
    5. Energy Conservation
    6. Renewable Resources
    7. Recycling
    8. Preventing Environment Pollution
    9. Sustainable Development
    10. Business & Profit Opportunities in Green Business
  • Our Target Group

    1. General Public - End Result: Awareness, Undertaking & Commitment
    2. Schools - End Result: Education & Knowledge
    3. Corporate Sector - End Result: Participation & Cooperation
    4. Government Agencies - End Result: Policy Matters & Support
    5. Target: Creating a Conscious, Knowledgeable Pro-Active & Environmentalist Society
  • Immediate Campaigns 1 Year Period - Major Tree Planting & Public Awareness Campaigns

    1. Global Warming & Environment Impact Campaign
    2. Recycling Campaign
    3. Energy & Resources Conservation
  • Method

    1. TVC & Radio
    2. Newspaper & Print Media
    3. Road Show - Mini Exhibitions at Major Towns
    4. Schools Campaigns
    5. Non Commercial Outdoor Billboards & Signage
    6. Regional & International Campaigns
  • Participant at Regional & International Events

    1. Conference & Exhibitions
    2. Present Paper - 'The Malaysian Experience'
    3. Parallel Exhibition and Show Case Environment Exhibition
  • Malaysian Environment Awards

    Recognizing Individual, Corporate, NGO and Government Agencies in promoting the Environment Conservation for Sustainable Development
  • How will the Government benefit?

    1. We do what we are best at and Government utilise productivity on policy and administrative matters
    2. Flying the brand 'Malaysian Initiative' high in the International Scene
    3. Little initial investment to jump-start the program... Over a period of time we will become self-sustaining. One off investment
    4. Saves Valuable Time, Money and Resources
    5. Professional Services offered, pulling a World of Resources and Back-up from other Professional Environment Organizations
    6. Gets the Nation Moving towards Environmentalism
    7. Making BIG Waves in Internationally - Malaysia to be Recognized as a Leading and pro-active Nation on Environment Initiative.
  • A Model to Other Developing Nations

    Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (P.A.S.S.) an environment activist in promoting a greener earth. For further information on P.A.S.S. and our services kindly logon to:

    This portal is aimed at creating a dedicated website to promote tree cultivation in a proactive manner in Malaysia. It is aimed at bridging individual environmental concerns, public and corporate citizens together.
If you have a heart to plant a tree, we will make it happen for you !
That’s our motto. We plant hundreds of trees each month. We are constantly engaged in negotiating new land and avenues to plant trees. May it be the state government, municipal council, property developers etc. we are in search of suitable land areas to plant trees.

We paint the town green by planting trees.

We are a local chapter in joining the forces with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in planting 1 billion trees worldwide by 2015.

Download UNEP’s 1 Billion Trees Campaign.

We have a personal target of planting 1 million trees by 2030. Can we make it possible ?
YES together WE can make it possible !
By planting more trees…
We create a positive balance in our quality of air.
We offset carbon/ carbon neutral in the atmosphere.
We cultivate a healthy nation and a healthy future.
We play a part towards combating Global Warming/ Climatic Change.
We profit from our own deeds as a result of preserving the environment.
Our goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2030. Can we achieve it?
Yes, we can do it together!