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Helpful Hints

Avoid disposable items.
Bag your groceries in durable cloth carriers.
Compost your kitchen and garden waste.
Dry your washing in the sun instead of a dryer to save energy.
Enjoy nature - go for an outing at the nearest park, nature reserve, beach or waterfall. Don't forget to take your with you when leave!
Forgo that trip to the mall; you don't really need new clothes, do you?
Give green gifts such as rechargeable batteries, tree-planting certificates, organic produce or membership to an environment club.
Hold a recycling event at your office, school or residential area (right).
Inflate your car tyres to improve mileage and reduce petrol usage.
Join a nature or conservation society.
Know your labels. Read product descriptions to determine if they contain recycled material, are energy-efficient or contain hazardous ingredients.
List down ways to curb electricity use to reduce your carbon emissions.
Make your home toxic-free. Replace conventional household cleaners with items that are earth-friendly.
Never throw anything away without first asking if it can be reused or recycled.
Open burning is polluting - report it.
Phase out plastic trash by packing food in Tiffin or reusable containers.
Quality-buy products than last. Inferior goods need to be constantly replaced, adding to waste heaps.
Repair rather than replace broken items to lengthen their lifespan and prevent more trash.
Separate your garbage and drop off recyclables at the nearest recycling center.
Turn vegetarian for the day. Your body and Mother Earth will appreciate it.
Use public transport instead of your car - do it at least once a week if not more.
Visit the zoo and learn about wildlife.
Water is precious and costly to treat - don't waste or pollute it.
Xerox both sides of the paper.
You can make a difference. Live a simpler lifestyle and buy only what you need and will use.
Zero-waste - reduce, reuse, recycle!
Water is a precious earth resource,
Please don't waste or contaminate it.