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plant a tree

29.06.2019 PASS Plant A Tree at SK Taman Seri Sinar. | plant a tree

🌳🌱 Special thanks to all volunteers from Agoda International (M) Sdn Bhd and SK Taman Seri Sinar 😘 Agoda International (M)

 29 Jun 2019
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Land space for Plant A Tree Program in Klang Valley area | plant a tree

We are looking for a land space in Klang Valley area to plant 20 trees in April 2019.

 01 Apr 2019
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13.05.2018 Clean & Beautify Broga Village 3.0 | plant a tree

  Agenda - Planting of 50 Malaysia Sakura Trees at the Public Garden opposite Balairaya.

 14 May 2018
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Plant A Tree 28.10.2017 | plant a tree

40 trees planted by SMK Dusun Nanding's teachers, staffs, students and P.A.S.S. representative.

 28 Oct 2017
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UPDATE PLANT A TREE 28.10.2017 | plant a tree

40 trees delivered to SMK Dusun Nanding by Bumi Hijau Nursery on 26.10.2017 at 11.33 am.
 26 Oct 2017
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