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Recycle Charity

Recycle Charity
Collection Services
Set up 300 orange colour recycle bins
Provite pick up service
Organize 26 mobile collection center
Recycle Bin Locations
1. Zone A: Sentul / Kepong / Sungai Buloh

2. Zone B: Old Klang Road / OUG / Bukit Jalil

3. Zone C: Cheras / Ampang

4. Zone D: Cheras

5. Zone G: Shah Alam / Klang

6. Zone I: Setiawangsa / Setapak

7. Zone J: Kajang / Semenyih
What Is Recycling?
Recycling helps to prevent the disposal of the waste materials and reduce the use of virgin raw materials to manufacture products. Using existing waste material to manufacture products also tends to consume less energy and water resources as compared to using virgin material. The different types of materials that can be recycled include paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, horticultural, tyres, food, etc.
Reasons to recycle
Recycling helps conserve limited resources
Recycling is energy efficient
Recycling is earth-friendly
Recycling creates jobs and build a strong economy
Waste into wealth to help charity
Help The Environment by Recycling
The nature has provided abundant resources for us to live with. But we humans use these resources for our convenience and we pollute the environment. This will transform earth to a non livable place. It is our responsibility to preserve the natural resources so that our successors can live a healthy life.

Everyone can definitely help the environment by recycling the things they use. You can recycle almost everything you use. It is better to buy recyclable items so that they can be recycled and a new material can be manufactured out of the scrap. If everybody of us keeps this in mind the emission of greenhouse gases and the other pollutions can definitely be controlled.

Recycling has many other advantages to. You can save the power by recycling the used products. Manufacturing a new product requires power and energy. When you recycle, you can save a large quantity of energy and power. Also manufacture involved the use of non renewable resources. By recycling you preserve these resources.
What Can Be Recycled?
Clothing and Personal Belongings
Household Junk
Electricals & Electronic Items
Helpful Hints
Avoid disposable items.
Bag your groceries in durable cloth carriers.
Compost your kitchen and garden waste.
Dry your washing in the sun instead of a dryer to save energy.