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Study Aid is a social based non-profit fund raising and resource generating initiated by Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (P.A.S.S.) with the objective of creating an avenue for the social concerned citizens and corporate organizations to channel their funds for charity and their resources effectively. In our social outreach work, we realized that helpless single mothers, the unemployed broken families and lower income groups are seriously affected by the current economic slowdown and high inflation rate. With just weeks left before year 2018 school reopens, they are facing hardships to buy text books, stationeries, uniforms and even daily necessities for their children. We are cooperating with school principals, “Persatuan Ibu-Bapa & Guru”, PIBG, and community leaders to identify and effectively help these deserving hardcore cases.

Over the years in our social and charity work, we have came across so many individuals as well as entrepreneurs, petty traders and corporations who have the heart to contribute towards the needy schools and children, especially the primary and secondary schools but do not know the right channel. Furthermore, some had difficulties in identifying the school and pupils who are in desperate need of real help.
Year  Donation Amount (RM) Needy Pupils Helped
2008 158,000.00 584
2009 280,000.00 1,000
2010 320,000.00 1,600
2011 544,000.00 2,700
2012 511,000.00 2,000
2013 620,000.00 3,100
2014 600,000.00 3,000
2015 675,000.00 3,375
2016 638,000.00 3,140
2017 666,000.00 3,330
2018 700,000.00  3,500 
2019 630,000.00 3,150
Year on year, P.A.S.S. has faithfully donated an increasing amount to help more and more needy pupils as shown above. The money raised is from the anniversary charity dinner including total collections by the general public during the financial year. The organizing cost of the charity dinner and the day to day administrative expenses is fully borne by P.A.S.S.

Donors giving from RM10.00 and above will be issued an official receipt. Records of donors and beneficiaries will be fully displayed on the website . The accounts will be audited by a renowned audit firm to declare absolute transparency and accountability to gain public confidence in our charity.
Deduction Under Subsection 44 (6) of the Income Tax Act 1967:
Reference: LHDN.01 / 35/42/51 / 179-6.6709
Effective Date: 1 March 2019 to 29 Feb 2024
If you have a heart to contribute, you have linked to the right channel. Please look through our website to how we operate. We wish to keep you posted too, so kindly provide your e-mail at or alternatively call Ms Chen at 03-9021 1888.
If you're interested in helping, you've found the right channel.